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Will Bulwark Take over as the Next Best Privacy Focusses POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

The crypto boom of 2017 made cryptocurrencies the talk of the town with people becoming millionaires overnight. With the market currently bearish, new investors are looking for other cryptocurrencies that can have a similar impact and Bulwark tops the chart for many (or at least should) and here’s why.

What is Bulwark

Like Dash, Bulwark is a digital cryptocurrency that uses the concept of masternodes and rewards contributors (miners) for helping make transactions quicker and private.

But Bulwark isn’t all about its masternodes, with user-privacy and community consensus at its forefront, Bulwark aims to bring changes at the hardware level as well rather just emphasize on software and Obfuscation.

Here are 3 upgrades the Bulwark team is working on to hit the crypto market big time.

Bulwark Secure Home Node

If you’re a newbie looking for a quick and easy to way to setup a masternode, with the Bulwark Secure Home Node, you can do just that. With a power outlet and a high-speed internet connection you can have it ready in minutes but before you do so make sure you secure the 5000 BWK tokens needed as collateral. The Home Node is already launched and can be purchased for about $100 (paid in BWK tokens) from the Bulwark official store.

Hardware Wallet

For anyone looking for a hardware wallet to safely store their cryptocurrencies, the Nano Ledger is almost an obvious choice. Makes, sense too since they secure, light and easy to carry and use too.

Well, Bulwark too is working towards a similar wallet. In fact, it aims to tackle the closed-source issue of the Nano which many users seem to find unsettling. Since the Bulwark wallet will be an open source wallet, the community members are free to launch updates. Also, it is said to be a cheaper alternative so you get equal safety without the added cost.

Home Router

The Router is the ultimate starter pack and comes with everything needed to kick-start your investment into Bulwark. From The Onion Router (TOR), the Bulwark wallet to the Secure Node, it’s got everything. And to ensure your privacy isn’t compromised with, all of the traffic is directed through the TOR.

How to get involved

Join the Team

To be part of the team the simplest of solutions would be to talk about Bulwark on your blog or YouTube video so more people hear about it. But if you aren’t a blogger or vlogger, you can make inroads by joining their development or marketing team.

Buy some BWK tokens

But let’s say you aren’t any of those either. Well, I’m sure in that case you’re an investor and buying some BWK Tokens is sure to benefit you. That’s because Bulwark implies the proof of stake protocol. This means you earn free Bulwark tokens for acting as a miner by staking them through any private wallet and you don’t even need the additional hardware.

Setup a Masternode

The whole talk about Bulwark pretty much comes down to masternodes and that’s mainly because of how profitable they can be. Yup, you’ll need the initial 5000 BWK tokens ($4000 at the time of writing) ut byou can earn it back within the first 8 months, Plus, you can set it all up few minutes. Easy, isn’t it?


The time to invest is now. While the downfall of the market seems scary, at some point it’s sure to go up and higher than ever. Remember, these masternodes were priced at about $70000 at the peak. But when investing, always follow the golden rule, “Do not invest what you cannot lose”.

Source Article: Privacy is the Future of CryptoCurrencies — is this the next Best Privacy Focused POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

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James Conners

James served as Chief Cryptographer for the Singapore-based Tembusu Terminals that used the blockchain to deliver know your customer systems that protect privacy. With over three years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, James decided to put his knowledge and experience in front of thousands of people though OrbitCrypto.

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